Thesis’ progress evaluation

At the end of second academic year –and in the case of part-time study-plan or having the candidate got an extension, for each of the following years- a progress review of each ongoing thesis is carried out by an evaluation committee made up of three PhDs, appointed by the AC.This committee evaluates the research progress of the PhD candidate, on the basis of his/her report and of the Supervisor’s. This review takes place in the second half of September and includes a live presentation by the PhD candidate, before the evaluation committee, of the work carried out and the state of the thesis regarding the schedule stated in his/her Thesis Project. The evaluation is made in terms of favourable or unfavourable.

Where the annual progress review is unfavourable, the PhD student may register for a retake review and then make a new presentation in the following March. Should that second review be also negative, the PhD candidate will be forced to leave the programme. (Art. 351, UAB Regulations).