Rodrigo Rabetino

Please, can you tell us your position and the institution where you are working now?

I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Management at the University of Vaasa.

When did you enroll in the iDEM program?

I enrolled in the program in 2002, and joined the English format of the program (EDP) in January 2003.

Why did you choose this program?

The program was internationally recognized in the field of entrepreneurship and small business management, and it offered a nice environment and an international teaching staff.

Can you tell us the focus of your dissertation? (very briefly!)

While using a systemic and eclectic approach, my Ph.D. thesis focuses on the identification and analysis of the determinants of firm growth in Latin America.

What is the importance of the program in your academic career?

The program was very influential when considering my career development. The program offered me the opportunity to build a solid theoretical background while meeting many great professionals who are still part of my professional network today.

Which are the motives that you would consider for advising someone to enroll the program?

The main reasons would be an opportunity to get a solid formation and meet both skilled professionals and nice colleagues in lovely surroundings.