Graciela Vedovoto

Please, can you tell us your position and the institution where you are working now?

I am Researcher analyst at Embrapa - Brazilian Corporation of Agricultural Research.  Embrapa is aimed at technological innovation, while linked to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (Mapa). The focus of the organization is on generating knowledge and technology to Brazilian agriculture. Embrapa is compost for: 15 Central Units: located in Brasilia; 47 Decentralized Units scattered: in all regions of Brazil; 4 Virtual Labs Abroad (LABEX): in the USA, Europe, China and South Korea and 3 International Offices: in Latin America and Africa When did you enroll in the iDEM program?

I started to study at IDEM  in 2008 and finished my phd in 2013.

Why did you choose this program?

Because the program of IDEM could help me to develop my career and the activities at my work.

Can you tell us the focus of your dissertation? (very briefly!)

The incorporation of technological innovations in agriculture results in an effect for adopters of technologies and that this change is also reflected in the economic development of a region. Thus, it is increasingly necessary to investigate, assess and, insofar as possible, to measure these effects. Impact assessment of technology has a dual purpose. First it uses the results as feedback to the R&D for the purpose of directing future research and for the accountability of the institution that generates innovations, if public organizations must report results to investors (the government in most cases) and to society. This thesis aimed at analyzing the process of assessing an economic and social point of view of the generation of innovations by Brazilian public research centers.

What is the importance of the program in your academic career?

It was very important because it helped me to improve my work as a researcher and to help all the team. I really feel that now  my projects are better elaborated, that  I have more instruments or techniques of research (mainly statistics) and my research can be published in academic journals in the field.

Which are the motives that you would consider for advising someone to enroll the program?

Because it is an excellent PHD Program. Obviously, it is necessary to be prepared to study a lot! When I was student, there where classmates from the entire world and my opinion was a general view shared by all the students.

About the motives, I can enumerate different ones: the team of the professors is great; the PHD program is very interesting and updated (current topics are deeply developed); UAB offers very good conditions to study and Catalonia is a nice place to live for some years.