The basic criteria for granting preadmission to the programme are:

1. The content of the applicant’s first university degree. (Bachelor/Licenciatura/Grado)
2. The content of the official Master’s degree already taken and the grades obtained.
3. The level of correspondence between the applicant’s professional plan and research proposal and the programme’s own lines of research
3. The level of English.

The programme’s Academic Committee will communicate its preadmission decision in writing to the applicant.



Once the applicant has been pre-admitted to the programme, he/she will then begin a process of direct contact with the lecturers in the corresponding research area, in order to obtain from one of these lecturers their endorsement for full admission. Once this process is finished, the pre-admitted student must present to the Academic Committee a document proposing the thesis supervisor, which in turn must be validated by the Programme’s professor proposed. When this document has been presented to the programme’s Academic Committee, a final decision on definitive admission onto the programme will be sent. If positive, this written response also will confirm the nomination of the proposed supervisor.

Enrolment time-schedule

1. Application

 1st period: January 1st to May 30th 2017 > resolution in late June 2017

 2nd period: June 1st to October 15th 2017 > resolution in late October 2017
Special MAREB’s students period: from July to October 15th > resolution late October 2017
2. REGISTRATION: Octuber / November 2017.
3. STARTING: October / November 2017.